Thursday, January 5, 2012

Webster Update

Ok, because I am not a very good blogger - what should have been last ended up first. So we will start with the dog. Butter loves it here in Snowflake! We woke up one morning to about 2 feet of snow. It was great fun! Butter ran back and forth tearing up a perfectly beautiful blanket of snow. It was a never ending supply of balls! We laughed and giggled when the snowball would fall out of sight and Butter would dive in after it. We spent all day playing in it, mostly because we could not go anywhere in our car. We realized real fast that we need a 4X4 to live here.
I did not have a picture of Karl and I, but we love it here. It has been an adjustment, but we are finally feeling more at home. I never thought Karl would enjoy the cold weather, but he is loving his work and work is better when it is cold so I guess that is one reason to like the weather. We will see how long that last when the wind starts blowing in the spring.
I wanted to give a quick update on all the Webster kids, forgive me if this sounds a little bragadocious. I love my kids and I am so proud of how they have adjusted to our new surroundings. Here it goes -

Elder Webster is doing awesome! He has seen some beautiful country and has had some great success in the mission field! He is serving in a city called Cumberland, MD and loves it! He has been in the same area for almost six months now and expecting a transfer at the end of January.
He has been dying to have snow! This was the first time that he had actually watched it fall. They got one good snow in November and then nothing. He should have gotten snow this week, he was very anxious for it to come, I think he will be glad for it to go after he spends a whole winter out there! Oh, he is so handsome and I miss him terribly!Camron is doing pretty good here in Snowflake. #70 had an amazing football season! We loved watching and cheering him on! The football team really made him feel like he had been here his whole life! He got All Division Honorable Mention at the end of the season. He was pretty happy about that! We celebrated Senior night with him and his "mohawk"! (He told me "Mom I know it is stupid, but can I just be stupid for one day and then you can buz it off?" So we did.) I can't believe that he is a Senior already! Time is moving on!
Now that football is over Camron likes to hit the slopes as often as possible! I am regretting that we did not buy that season pass at Sunrise! He gets to work with Karl every once in a while so he can keep the snowboard fund going! He is such a cutie!
Austin is growing by leaps and bounds! He is officially taller than his mother 5'7"and if he answers the phone when you call you may not know it is him because his voice is so low. He has found another love here in Snowflake, not a girl, it is choir. He had room in his schedule and his cousins told him to take choir because that is where everyone is and he loves it! He has even had a solo or two and sounds pretty good if I might say so!
I guess I should say this is his first love. He made the JV Soccer team and he could not get enough of it! They did really well and he can hardly wait for it to start again! They are just getting ready for indoor soccer and he is giddy with excitement! He is a sweetheart!
Megan had an incredible opportunity to actually play the piano with John Schmidt. (She made a shirt with friends for his concert and then had him sign it.) It was so much fun! She is just amazing to me! I can't believe she is mine!
She loves it here in Snowflake! She got to play volleyball this year as a 7th grader and loved it! She really enjoys Jr. High and hanging with all of her new friends. She is so fun to have around!
I guess that will do it for now, I will try to be a better blogger! We love and miss all of our friends in the valley, but have enjoyed spending time together as a family and getting to know new people. We are very thankful for so many blessings! I am not sure why we have been so blessed but we feel very fortunate for all that we have recieved this year!
Till next time!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making A Move!

Well, I have thought about this for several years. I have teased my husband and then let it go so he wouldn't feel like I was unhappy. I have wondered if I would ever live close to my family again. Recently when I made a trip home I had decided that it would never happen, and I was totally ok with that! I could handle living in the valley the rest of my life and be here when family needed to come visit. We have an incredible ward family, an amazing neighborhood, I live over the fence of where my children go to school. My kids have made great friends! They are involved with good things at school! We are comfortable here!
So moving to Snowflake comes as a shock for me! In fact it still does not seem real! I need to start packing boxes and organizing but I feel numb! Camron asked us in FHE last night if this was really going to happen. I feel the same way. We decided a week ago as a family that this was right and yet it is still as shocking to write it here as it was a week ago. We are moving to Snowflake! My kids have been amazing! Especially Camron, it being his senior year and sacrificing Senior Class Vice President, football, life long friends, a good job, the lake, 1st assistant in the preist quorum, and the list goes on and on. I have watched them all go through tears and then in almost the next moment excitement. What a roller coaster ride! We are anxious to get there and get settled before school starts.
I have always thought that people who move while their missionary is gone make it so hard for their missionary, and now here I am doing that very thing! Treston will be ok, I think he is even a little jealous. He says he doesn't care because he is moving to Baltimore. I know that he has always thought it would be great to live in Snowflake. I guess it will be something to look forward to when he comes home.
We feel so blessed to have a job that will provide for our family. I even think that Karl is excited to leave work at work instead of it following him home every night and day. He has always been self imployed, so this will be a change for him too. As for me, I can hardly wait to hang out with my family, but I have so many people here that have loved and supported me through thick and thin. I don't think I will miss being the gospel doctrine teacher:), but I will miss the kind and genuine people that I call friends but have really been more like family! I know that the Lord is in control and that this is what we are to do right now. Who knows what the future holds! I am sure it too will be full of surprises and excitement!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Good Laugh!

I am not a fan of having my picture taken so I am blogging these for history only, and I so enjoyed doing this with friends that I decided I would share. I went to lunch with my good friends Kate and Janet. Both of them are great photographers. While we were at lunch Kate had this great idea to do pictures for valentines day for our hubbies. Janet was willing to take the photos so that is what we did. I only wish we would have gotten Janet in one of the pictures, after all she is to blame for all of the sillyness. If nothing else we had some good laughs and enjoyed each others company and did get a few good pictures!

Getting together with friends is one of my favorite things to do. Kate and I both have time during the day while the kids are at school and do alot of running around. We have alot of laughs together.

In my kitchen I have a sign that simply says "Be Happy". When it all comes right down to it, through thick and thin, it is the relationships we make that matter the most and the time we spend with each other. That is when I am the happiest is when I am around the people I love and enjoy. Anyone want to go to lunch?:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Work in Progress

Today being and extra lucky day (1/11/11, I love the number 11, it is my favorite number) I started the day with a determination to get done the things that were just looming over me.
So I went to the gym and got through the body sculpting class with Jessica, well sort of, I have not been since the holidays.
Then decided that I needed to write in my journal after a much needed shower. So I sat on the couch in my room and wrote a full page. As I was re-reading I fell asleep and next thing I knew it was noon.
Started the Laundry. (That is always looming, although I find that I sometimes enjoy it.)
Now I am revamping the blog and it is already time for the kids to come home!

I remember when I used to think that I would have so much time when the kids went to school. And I really do, but somedays are just not as productive as others.

One more thing is that I keep thinking that as I get older I will need less sleep. Maybe it is just the whole teenager thing. Last night we watched BCS championship football game. It was awesome, but it became late by the time everyone got to bed. 5:30 came early this morning.

I guess that there will always be a house to clean, files to organize, drawers to straighten and things to get done. There will be days that are less productive than others, but as long as we are moving forward and keep trying to be the best we can be then it is all good. And if you need to stop and take a nap, then by all means DO IT!

HAPPY 11th day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So Treston has just one week left in class and then he will have four weeks in rotations. Today they had a "poking party" and invited anyone who was brave enough to come to the school and get "poked". So of course being a supportive mother I went to his school and was poked - twice - once in each arm. He was so nice the first time that I let him poke me in the other arm too. I was pleased that he did so well, and I came home and told Karl to go, so he did! I am so excited for Treston! I think he enjoys it and is happy to have something to do for the year while he waits to go on a mission. Way to go T!

Friday, September 3, 2010


A few months ago, Camron said to me, "Mom can we be a football watching family?" My response to him was that he was asking the wrong person! Karl doesn't really care to watch sports. He always says that he would rather be playing than watching. I think the older he gets he realizes that watching is the only option.
When I was growing up in my family of 5 girls and 1 boy, watching football is what we did. Monday night football was FHE and we loved it! I remember one specific game we were watching BYU. They were doing really well that year. I remember the scene in the living room of everyone gathered in front of the TV and something good happening and all of us girls jumping out of our seats yelling and cheering for the Cougars.
My favorite thing is to sit with my family at a Snowflake LOBO football game with homemade popcorn balls and cheer with my family.
Last night was Camron's first JV game. I had so much fun watching him! I get a little loud and excited especially when he tackles the QB or opens a hole for the ball carrier to run through! I love this game! I always wished girls were a little more welcome on the field, but then what would I have chosen? Football or Volleyball? I guess it is a good thing that was not an option.
Tonight we are going to the game for the half-time show! Austin is in the Highland Marching Band, another favorite part of the game! Austin informed us that he is going to be in the front, so we are looking forward to watching what he has been working on since July! He loves being in the band and is good at what he does! We will take pictures and post them later!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Things Never Change

I would have to say that the highlight of my summer was my 20 year class reunion. I totally enjoyed seeing all my high school friends. It was so fun to see these women (and men)! They have all grown up to be so beautiful! I know that they have all had their own set of trials and struggles, but they are all still the girls I knew from school. We laughed and giggled and loved seeing one another! I think we could have visited all night. I love meeting with people that you have known before and you are able to pick up right where you left off. 20 years have gone by and I am so amazed that while people can physically change they basically stay the same. I am so grateful for such good friends that helped me grow up to be the person that I am today.
I do have to pat myself on the back. I have been trying to lose weight - as most people do for their class reunion. My goal was to lose 25 lbs. We joined the gym March 22, 2010 I started running and lifting weights. I didn't think that I was going to be able to ever run again with the terrible knees that I have and I just decided to do it and come what may. When I went to my reunion July 24, 2010 I had lost a total of 29 lbs.
I started small and could barely run the mile. Last Saturday August 7th I ran 5 miles! I never in my life thought or even had the desire to run 5 miles. I don't know where this will take me, but I am going to keep going and if nothing else I will be a healthier me!